BD Manager(South Korea local sales)


1.Assisting team leader to propose appropriate marketing and sales strategy based on the in-depth analysis of market trends, competition, customer behavior and our current situation.
2.Build and maintain strong relationships with local distributors and critical customers. Provide timely training and appropriate solutions with the help of internal or external resources in order to improve our customer base and brand exposure.
3. Assisting team leader to establish the system of local distributor management and evaluation including but not limited to evaluating the potential distributors and setting up the annual sales goal for each distributor.
4. Work with marketing team on related marketing activities, including proposal and implement of necessary events (webinar, seminar, exhibition et, al), screening media and promotion platform, coordinating internal resources to give speech in the defined events as needed, and track the design of the promotion materials.
5. Attend industry trade shows and events to widen knowledge base and increase networks.
6. Achieve sales income that meets agreed targets in regional markets.
7. Create and update sales status reports including identified contacts, leads and confirmed sales through direct and distributor channels.


1 Master or above, prefer major in life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals or related
2 Proven 1 years working experience as a Technical Support or Filed Application Scientist in the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry. Additional BD experience is preferred.
3 Self-motivated
4 Ability to work independently and handle pressure
5 High-level problem-solving skills
6 Attention to details
7 Strong communication skills
8 Effective time management and prioritization
9 Excellent in Korean, Chinese and English written and spoken
10 High business acumen
11 Strong data analytical and project management skills
12 Experienced in negotiation
13 Able to secure big sales opportunities
14 Ability to conduct market research

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